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gotoClassroom - Hybrid Education Platform

Announces Free ever classroom management system (CMS); Introduces free and intuitive Classroom Management System and Q&A portal for educational purposes

TORONTO – After over 3 years of development, the team behind gotoClassroom are proud to introduce a free and simple Classroom Management System (CMS).

gotoClassroom’s CMS provides the basic functional classroom tools including —live discussions, lecture notes, assignments, quizzes, calender, gradebooks, attendance and library -- educators can build and managing their online classroom quickly and easily. For a more customized experience, educators can find and install additional tools from the gotoClassroom's application store. Each application seamlessly integrates into the platform's user interface meaning that apps readily draw from user data and circumvents pop-ups, tab switching, and downloads.

gotoClassroom’s App Store has a planned release for January 30, 2015. The store will feature powerful tools for users to enrich their educational experience. Our fully integrated and documented API invites all developers to create solutions for users. Currently, the API is available for developers to begin building applications by contacting

Each registered user has a Dashboard which not only manages their classrooms but also provides an important networking tool. This Dashboard allows teachers, parents, and students to exchange in ideas and potential opportunities at the Q&A portal tailored towards education.

Presently, gotoClassroom is available for users to beta test the system and provide feedback. We hope that gotoClassroom can facilitate a strong community and gives our users a better way to experience the classroom. Future users can register now to test drive our platform at

About gotoClassroom

gotoClassroom is a Toronto, Canada-based Education Technology company focused on integration of third party applications seamlessly organizing and integrating the large variety of available EdTech applications. We have developed an intuitive user experience to promote student engagement and self-directed learning.

gotoClassrom is truly unblocked teaching and learning potentials for everyone of us. To learn more, visit us at and follow us at ( or like us on at (

Henry Quach,
Communications for gotoClassroom