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gotoClassroom - Hybrid Education Platform

gotoClassroom announces its first release of Application Programming Interface (API) and invites education technology entrepreneurs around the world to join gotoClassroom’s development community.

TORONTO, ON – The team behind gotoClassroom’s Hybrid Education Platform is proud to introduce a fully integrated and documented Application Programming Interface (API). gotoClassroom provides the basic classroom tools users can use to build and manage their classroom online efficiently. For a more customized educational experience, additional tools can be installed from the gotoClassroom App Store, which features education tools created by you as Software developers using the API.

Education technology entrepreneurs everywhere are invited to join gotoClassroom's development community and be exposed to a wide audience of educators, students, and parents. With gotoClassroom’s open API, developers can accomplish the following:

  • Create single sign-on tools to unify existing education products for schools and institutions
  • Develop exciting applications for a wide audience of teachers, students, and parents
  • Seamlessly integrate applications into gotoClassroom’s Hybrid Education Platform

gotoClassroom's API is currently available for developers to begin building applications. With full developer support provided, an easy application approval process, and short received payment periods, gotoClassroom makes it easy for developers. To start developing, please visit gotoClassroom Developer portal ( Please also pass along this information to your contacts and connect with us on Twitter (, Facebook (, and LinkedIn (

Together, we can enhance the classroom experience by providing an enriching learning environment for students to succeed from A to Ph.D.

About gotoClassroom

gotoClassroom is a Toronto-based education technology company which focuses on seamlessly integrating and organizing third party education technology applications into a Hybrid Education Platform. The gotoClassroom team has developed a platform that is intuitive and user-friendly to promote student engagement and self-directed learning. gotoClassroom aims to unblock teaching and learning potentials for everyone.

Michelle Nguyen,
Communications for gotoClassroom